How to Retire in British Columbia

A Resource Guide for Retiring in BC

Begin planning your retirement at least six months before your last day at work. We’re here to help you as you plan, prepare, and ready yourself for retirement.

Retirement is a two-part process:

  • You must contact AskMyHR to assist you with planning for your retirement. Submit a service request with the category Myself (or) My Team/Organization > Leaving The Public Service > Retirement.
  • Apply for your pension by:
    • Signing in to My Account to apply online, or
    • Calling the BC Pension Corporation toll-free 1 800 665-3554 – Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

When Can I Retire?

The normal retirement age for all Public Service Pension Plan members is 65, and the earliest retirement age is 55. Certain designated occupations, like correctional facility employees, have different retirement rules based on age. 

For more information, refer to  A Guide for Plan Members: Approaching Retirement.

Non-Financial Retirement Counselling

The BC Public Service offers support for retirement planning through its Employee & Family Assistance Services (EFAS) provider. Employees can work one-on-one by telephone with a retirement planning professional. This service will explore retirement-related issues, including steps in the successful transition from work to retirement and the various changes, challenges and rewards of this life transition. They can assist you to create a personal plan based on identified retirement priorities.

For access, call the EFAS provider at 1-800-655-5004.

Flexible Work Arrangements & Retirement

The BC Public Service supports flexible work options whenever the arrangement benefits both the employee and the employer. Learn about flexible work arrangements and retirement.

Understand Your Pension Options

Understand your options as you prepare for life after work.

Complete Your Retirement Plans

Learn what you need to do to complete your retirement plans.

Paid Absence Prior to Retirement

Learn how to use leave banks and allowances before you retire.

Retirement Allowance

Find out about your retirement allowance eligibility.

Retirement Quick Guide

Print off Retirement at a Glance (PDF, 289KB) for an easy reference.